2019-07-03 Infinity Online Service (IOS) updated

- Micro-Box support renew for Infinity activation become much cheaper than before
- 2 years renew available for Micro-Box activation for Infinity

2019-05-19 Infinity Online Service (IOS) updated

`Infinity-Box/Dongle software activation for Infinity CDMA-Tool` promotional price is discontinued, activation price returned back to it's standard value

2019-03-31 Infinity Online Service (IOS) updated

Product `Hua HDE Tools Pack activation 1 year` is discontinued
Product `Hua HDE Tools Pack activation 2 years` is discontinued
You can order `DC-Phoenix + HCU timed license 1 year` or `DC-Phoenix + HCU timed license 2 years` or `DC-Unlocker and HCU-Client unlimited`

2019-03-30 Infinity Online Service (IOS) updated

New product - Xiaomi Mi Account remove (clean, lost) any model any country

2019-03-16 Job offer

You can leave your resume to find a job and/or offer your products and services here

2019-02-18 Infinity Online Service updated

New service `Xiaomi Mi Account remove (ru, ua) ` launched
Clean and Lost are supported
Service is for models activated in Russia or Ukraine only !

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2018-12-05 Infinity Samsung `SM` v2.05 released

Service: added new version of Reset FRP procedure (without user-data lost)
How to use: check "new" checkbox and follow instructions

Infinity Samsung `SM` software activation price is 80 credits from today due to `SM` v2.05 released

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2018-11-30 Infinity Online Service updated

Huapro (Hua + HDE 2 years) activation for Infinity is discontinued. You can order two activations separately instead:
- Hua Dongle software activation for Infinity
- Hua HDE Tools Pack activation 2 years

Hua Dongle software activation for Asansam Box/Dongle (convert Asansam to Hua) price become higher

Hua Dongle software activation for Infinity become cheaper

Micro-Box software activation for Infinity CDMA-Tool become cheaper

2018-11-24 Infinity Online Service updated

New product available via IOS - GRT-Dongle software activation for Infinity
GRT-Dongle software can be activated for Infinity products:
- Infinity-Box/Dongle
- Infinity [BEST]
- Infinity CDMA-Tool

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2018-10-04 Infinity Online Service updated

- New products: Flash Files Storage - `Starters`, `Individual`, `Economy`, `Professional`, `Supreme` plans

2018-10-03 Infinity Online Service updated

- `Samsung unlock code (Exynos)` product is free (zero credits) for users with Infinity `SM` activation v2.xx

2018-09-22 Infinity Online Service updated

New product: Avator-Pro software activation for Infinity (with Avator-Dongle activated)
NOTE: this activation available only for Infinity users who already has Avator-Dongle activation !

2018-09-05 Infinity Online Service (IOS) updated

New products available:
- DC-Phoenix + HCU timed license 3 days
- DC-Phoenix + HCU timed license 30 days
- DC-Phoenix + HCU timed license 1 year
- DC-Phoenix + HCU timed license 2 years

Special packs of dc-unlocker credits:
- DC-Unlocker and HCU-Client 39 Credits
- DC-Unlocker and HCU-Client 69 Credits
- DC-Unlocker and HCU-Client 79 Credits

2017-08-29 Infinity Online Service (IOS) updated

- New product available - CS-Tool S-Pack (S-Module) Activation for CS-Tool

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